Welcome back Gentleman

Men discover again the gentlemanliness: values, traditions and savoir faire, the best qualities of a man. The gentleman figure, even though temporarily displaced at a media level by the image of the ordinary man, is not completely extinguished. Hollywood cinematographic imaginary has already rediscovered the character of the gentleman, a man with refined manners and high standards of proper behaviour. Of course, we live in a society where etiquette is quickly forgotten and consequently the gentleman figure has entered into crisis, but courtesy and sense of personal honour are still important. Gentlemanliness has its roots in the chivalric ideal and originally it was essentially a warrior creed. Its definition underwent further elaboration during the Renaissance to include attributes of courtesy, wit and education. Today being a gentleman has nothing to do with social status, wealth or age. A gentleman is basically a man who treats others with respect and also strives to gain their respect. He is appropriately and stylishly dressed for every occasion. He has a very cool and responsible job. He is self confident but not arrogant, charming and sensitive but still manly and tough.



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